Atelier Cologne in Asia

18 août 15
Part of Master 207 project, an analysis of Atelier Cologne development in Asia
At the end of the masters’ final year, Christophe Cervasel, CEO of the French niche brand Atelier Cologne - specialized in Cologne fragrances, has missioned us. He asked us to try answering a problematic about the sales pitches in China i.e. “How should the brand adapt its selling ceremony to Chinese market in order to reach more consumers in this market?” To do so, we started by building a group of eight volunteer students. Then, with the help of our retail teacher Arielle Monnerot-Dumaine, we organized several store visits to try to actually understand the brand. We’ve done our first visit with the manager of the brand in Hong Kong, during our retail tour in China in April 2015 and the second one, in Paris, where we spent 3 hours in-store smelling the best-sellers products and analyzing the brand core values. We’ve also had the opportunity to assist a selling-ceremony with an actual client, which was very helpful to understand all the key steps to present and sell a fragrance. 
The second phase of the project was to build a presentation to present our recommendations to the CEO in his Parisian’s offices. It was very interesting to discuss with the whole group about all the strategies we could implement in China, and especially with our Chinese classmates who have a better knowledge of what could work in this market. We came up with different conclusions and several solutions to meet the Chinese needs. First of all, we’ve realized that in China, the fragrance market is less attractive than the skincare and make-up ones. For this reason it is important to build a really solid sampling plan in order to get people to discover the juices of the brand - as people may not be interested if you are not as big of a brand as Chanel or Dior for instance. We’ve also understood the major symbolic importance of presents in this country, which is why it is crucial to offer a gift set area to the customers. Finally, in order to create a unique and « typically » French experience - very attractive in this market – it is essential to consider each client in a special and exclusive way. 

by Salomé Karsenti