13 août 15
What do you expect of the Chinese clothes production? Probably cheap materials, low quality, poor labor conditions…What we saw during our one-day visit to EP headquarters was far away from all these stereotypes.

Elegant Prosper, affiliated to the HWA Fashion Group, is one of the most successful brands on Chinese market. Collections of EP include Haute Couture, Ready to Wear, Jewelry, Accessories and Leather Goods. So far, the company has established 600 retail stores and employed over 5000 people. 


Perfectly organized, it produces numerous types of textile and other materials. Later on, leaded by the assistant of EP General Manager Mrs Li, we could visit the production department and the HQ offices of the company. We were amazed of the numerous quality checks up on different stages of production and packaging.

EP is not only about clothes manufacturing, but also into innovation and creativity.  EP collaborates with the Shanghai Fashion School and constantly creates new fashion.

EP was honored not only to present its exclusive models but also to create the uniform for the hosts of the Chinese Pavilion. 

Even if Elegant Prosper had already achieved a lot in Asia, the company is still in a constant development towards the European market. According to Mrs Li, EP is currently in the research of its first office and first team in Paris. With its authentic style and impressive quality standards, there are no doubts that Elegant Prosper has a bright future ahead in the European fashion business. 

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by, Daria Maddi