Hermès opening a new "Maison" in Shanghai

26 août 15

In 2014, the 5th Maison (Flagship store) of Hermès in Shanghai is opened after Paris, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, which symbolize a unique encounter between a “l’art de vivre à la française”, and a dynamic life of Shanghai.

Hermès decided to open its 5th Maison after its success in Plaza 66 and to further improve its bespoke reputation among the Chinese sophisticated audience. Besides, this boutique represents Hermes’ 21st point of sales in China that are already successful. 

Although the brand suffers a slowdown of the luxury market in China, the boutique will be acted as a beautiful showcase for the Chinese customer that could potentially boost sales. 

The Boutique

Hermès coincidently establishes its boutique near its luxury Chinese brand Shang Xia: a brand that integrates an Asian style with a strong futuristic approach and stands.  

With a surface of 1200 sqm, divided by 3 floors and garden, - this is an exceptional place on the path of customer who is looking for something particular on the high-end shopping district. 

In the boutique everything is about inspiration and exclusivity: Sales is not the only goal of the store manager, but the awareness. In fact, in the boutique we can find a champagne bar where every single guest can feel the luxurious part of Hermès. 



Products presentation

Everything is thoughtful and detailed-oriented: products, decorations, selling process.

The store manager, French originated lady with an impressive professional background, does her purchases (buying process) to Hermès headquarter in order to stock the boutique with items in different sizes, in her opinion, necessary for her customers. Since it’s a French brand, there are no items created specifically for Chinese.  

Perhaps this maniacal attention to detail impresses every single visitor who just passed by. 

But ! at the same time, this make them feel extremely welcoming and create an invisible link between two very old cultures: Chinese and French. How powerful and elegant this boutique is!

Retail organization

In fact, as it is very well organized, you could not even notice how many staffs work in the boutique. You will see never too much nor too many sales people. Sales managers are very professional and coached by the store manager to guarantee the Hermès high luxury standards. 

In addition, they organize the workforce on the floor so that every manager circulates on the boutique’s floors.