ICICLE : When Shanghai meets Paris

26 août 15

During our visiting trip in china, we had the chance to visit a Chinese local brand ICICLE’s head office in Shanghai

ICICLE is not the traditional Chinese brand that usually features in cheap price and mass-production. On the contrary, it is very innovative and quality-oriented in design and product development. 

It is China’s first eco-friendly fashion company whose products are made of pure, natural materials, among which organic cotton, linen, silk and wool … etc. The experience was indeed very impressive. We visited the brand’s product development department where we could see their production process and beautiful prototype clothes and also touch their famous eco-friendly materials in person. 

As Chinese new promising brand featuring in the inherent beauty of nature, it combines the oriental spirit and the french haute couture concept harmoniously. 

" In 2013, ICICLE has enjoyed the brand’s historic moment by establishing its Paris Design Center in Paris 16th.» presented by the president of ICICLE Madam Xiao-Ma Dao.

ICICLE is not only China’s first eco-friendly fashion brand but also the first company who applies innovative business model by building an international design team in Paris.

This visiting experience was truly appreciated and it made us discover the refinement side of Chinese fashion industry. While the world is trying to enter the immense Chinese market and enjoying the Chinese purchasing power, we should not neglect that the Chinese brands are coming to conquer the world as well.


Hsinling HUANG