Maison Shang Xia : Where Chinese tradition meets contemporary luxury

26 août 15
Founded in 2008 by Jiang Qiong Er, artistic director and CEO of Maison SHANG XIA, is a brand for the art of living, who sell luxury furniture, jewelry and fashion accessories, the brand has 3 unique stores: Paris, Shanghai & Beijing.

The spirit of the brand itself is a connection between Chinese identity (culture and ancient craft) and future (innovative, modern and contemporary products) and stands for excellence, quality, beauty and innovation.

During our academic visit to Shanghai, we got the opportunity to discover how does the brand manage to distinguish itself from the international Luxury brands in China.

The chinesse tradition luxury store

Located in the high ­end shopping district opposite stores such as Louis Vuitton and designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the boutique in Shanghai is a heaven on earth.  The store looks more like an “experience place”, offering a traditional tea ceremony paired with floating porcelain pieces, contemporary furniture and relaxing music. 

Everything about this shop is delightful. What would strike the visitor is the extraordinary attention to detail, and the stunning mix of contemporary and tradition. Visitors can discover the private art gallery on the second floor of the Shanghai flagship and find the display of Chinese contemporary artists.

The chinese art of life in contemporary products

All the products defined what contemporary Chinese culture looks like: the handbags placed in Chinese baskets, the raw­ material ­made yet statement clothing, the jewelry, the sophisticated tea sets gently wrapped in bamboo, the modern furniture line are all there to remind of tradition and innovation. One sublime piece is a pressed ­felt handmade coat made exclusively of cashmere.



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